the department of skeletor
Amy. 20. Ravenclaw. DFTBA.

"When I look at my room, I see a girl who loves books."
-John Green, Looking for Alaska


I think my favorite thing about this generation is how seriously everyone takes their Hogwarts house.

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I started watching in the flesh tonight and it’s so good fuck

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when they announce they’re going to be making movies out of books i love i’m torn between being really excited to see it and feeling like this book was something personal and i don’t want to share it with everyone else

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#about me


*rides off into the sunset on your dad*

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This is what it’s like when I go on someone’s blog and a playlist starts playing. 

how the fuck did they film that scene 

they threw a radio at his face

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ugh I started coughing last night and feeling terrible and a runny nose and now I’m coughing up phlegm and I have a death rattle and I feel like I just got back from fight club or something

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Sexting 101

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A friend didn’t want to lose Franklin as he walked around the house

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today i was in hot topic with my mom and there was a bra with Simba on it so I asked her “want a lion king bra?” she said “why would i?” so I put it in front of my chest and said “hakuna ma tatas” she had to leave the store she was laughing so hard.

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None of the animes are as good as SpongeBob so be quiet down there —God (via thwartycall)

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so apparently, luke newberry, who plays an openly queer teen in a show about a marginalized group’s fight for liberation, is losing in the radiotimes poll to a guy who’s starring in 50 shades of grey as the aggressor in an abusive relationship

this is just fucking perfect

fuck ok luke’s behind again

guys come on if he advances maybe the bbc’ll notice his popularity caused by in the flesh (which implies that the show itself is popular) and decide to keep it going

and, if in the flesh gets another season due to popularity, it’ll show the people making decisions in media that you can have complicated female characters who aren’t reduced to love interests, can have real character development, can have openly queer characters in a relationship without making it the show’s plot, and can have characters with mental illnesses and not make that their only “interesting” characteristic without risking ratings, but rather increasing them

i mean, fuck, this could open doorways to proper representation in other forms of media why aren’t you all up in arms about this too

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drinking sangria and rereading one of my favorite series in the tub

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my mom told me to put the dog to bed but didn’t specify which bed 

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