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-John Green, Looking for Alaska

Fountain (after Marcel Duchamp) - Sherrie Levine

Okay I was really excited when I saw this piece and the title because we learned about Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain in class and I recognized the parallel. Duchamp’s Fountain (the last picture in the set) was a urinal that he literally stole out of a public bathroom and then signed with his name and passed as a great work of art. He did this as a part of the Dada movement, the point of which was to create nonsense that reflects the nonsense and pointlessness of existence. It was led by artists who had served in WWI and survived the horrors with a bleak and cynical attitude toward the world. He hoped to offend the art community and cheapen all other artistic works with this piece. It’s clear that Levine’s work took a lot more effort but it’s interesting that she made the nod to Duchamp’s work a part of the title.

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